Pūlama Mauli Ola 2017

Pūlama Mauli Ola is a unified Hawaiian language and culture event for the community in order to witness the life of the Hawaiian language and value its history through cultural activities, performances, and demonstrations.

Our event will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2017 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The day will begin with protocol and will also showcase songs and hula of our students from all three entities (Ke Kula ʻo Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu, Pūnana Leo o Hilo and Ka Haka ʻUla ʻo Keʻelikōlani) for the first hour, on and around the stage area. For the remainder of the day, the stage area will be used for music demonstrations. Other activities will include, pāʻani keiki (cultural keiki games), nā ʻono o ka māla (delicacies of the garden), nā hōʻikeʻike ʻōlelo (Hawaiian language resource information) and nā kālepa hana noʻeau (craft artisan displays and demonstrations).

“He aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauā ke kanaka”, the land is our chief and therefore, the people are its servants. The Hawaiian culture is a place-based culture. We are our land and our land is us; we exist as one. Knowing where you come from and who you are is a part of our identity as a lāhui and allows us to be conscious of our spiritual and physical wellbeing. Pūlama Mauli Ola creates an environment, a sense of place, where our Hawaiian language is alive and thriving. The language is our cordage that binds us together and allows us to continue the cultural beliefs, perspectives, and traditions of our ancestors.

We have been fortunate this year to be awarded by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs ʻAhahui Grant Program. This grant will be used to support our event, Pūlama Mauli Ola 2017. This opportunity allows us to provide a way to perpetuate our language and display the value and importance of our culture. Mahalo nui loa e ko OHA!!!