Hoʻōla 2017

Waimea, Hawaiʻi, July 28, 2017–Hoʻōla 2017 will serve as a cultural enrichment opportunity for the kaiāulu (community) of Waimea. Because the event will focus on ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi and wahi pana, significant impacts to OHA’s Strategic Result to “Value History and Culture” are expected. Wahi pana are extremely important to the Hawaiian culture because they tell stories of place that can be passed down to future generations, they celebrate the language, and they provide a sense of value for one’s culture. It is our hope that participants will leave this event with a deepened sense of place, but with a sense of pride and value for our Hawaiian culture and the history of Waimea. For our professional development piece, educators are often tied to their classroom, building, and/or campus. With Hoʻōla 2017, it is our goal to provide them with an opportunity to be inspired out of the norm and take that knowledge and inspiration back to their classrooms.