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“It is important for a father to see that his role is an important one in educating his children. Today, I see other fathers from many different ethnic backgrounds looking for opportunities to make a difference in his child’s education. I relate to these fathers who arrive at the doorstep of the Pūnana Leo. You want to fulfill your responsibilities as a father, and you see there are so many ways to support your child. I believe the Pūnana Leo offers the opportunity to fathers who want to make a difference.”

—na Kekoa Harman, Father of Kalāmanamana (PL graduate, Nāwahīokalani‘ōpu‘u 1st grader), Nāmakaleha (PL student) and Nāli‘ipō‘aimoku (Hi‘ipēpē)

“The Hawaiian language immersion program is more than just an education. It’s a way of life. My grandchildren know who they are and where they come from. They are grounded in their own cultural identity, and that makes them fearless to embrace new challenges. It’s wonderful to hear our language spoken by young voices.”

–na Kupuna Genesis Nāmakaokalani Lee Loy

“This program is necessary. Responsibility and position is learned here and every thought and action has significance. We are a community where Hawaiian values, traditional knowledge and demeanor is taught through the Hawaiian perspective. Every child in the program is your child, everyone takes care of each other.”

—na Kanoelani Kawai‘ae‘a, aunt

“We (participants in the program) are connected to one another, therefore, our relationship is strong, from person to person and in all facets of the organization.”

—na Mikiahala Mahi, limahana (employee)

“Raising our children bilingually evolved from a fuzzy goal to a reality that is so profound, it takes two languages (at least!) to attempt an adequate description. To contemplate, communicate, and cooperate through Hawaiian and English begs the question, is there any better way to live?”

—Na Luahiwa Nāmāhoe, makua (parent)