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Raising an Immersion Child

The most common concern of potential parents centers on English language literacy: “Won’t my child fall behind in English or in general academic skills?” The answer is a definite no. Students who enroll in Hawaiian medium education consistently perform as well or better than their English-only counterparts here in Hawai‘i. Students in other multi-language educational programs around the world have similar performance statistics. In fact, students and graduates from Hawaiian Medium Education Programs statewide, have been accepted and have graduated from prestigious universities such as Stanford, Loyola Marymount and Oxford University.

By enrolling your keiki in a Pūnana Leo Language Nest, you take the first step into a challenging and culturally responsive educational experience. Students in Hawaiian medium schools, develop complex worldviews that are rooted in the cultural codes of the languages they speak. They have an intuitive sense of culture and a natural sense of the individual as part of a larger community. They benefit from the high level of parent involvement in their academic experience. All of this is in addition to their acquisition of high-level English fluency.