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Parent Expectations

Pūnana Leo preschools Language Nests are family-based educational centers. Family members take an active role in the educational experience of their children.

Parents attend a weekly Hawaiian language class. If not already enrolled in a Hawaiian language class, parents agree to take classes at their local Pūnana Leo. Parents are encouraged to learn the language so that they can reinforce their children’s education and nurture a high cognitive advantage in their children by helping them to become bilingual. ‘Aha Pūnana Leo also offers online language class for parents who are unable to attend classes in their communities. For information on the classes click here.

Families provide 8 hours of in-kind service per month to their Pūnana Leo.

Parents attend a monthly Hālāwai Makua meeting, where they take an active role in activities of the school.

Families become part of the Hawaiian speaking community, working towards the common goal of reestablishing Hawaiian as a living language.

Parents along with the Pūnana Leo raise a new generation of responsible, aware citizens who are grounded in the foundation of Hawaiian language and culture. Our children become the generation that is able to connect traditional knowledge with contemporary technology.